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Friday, May 18, 2018

Arw Gbi 18 May 2018

Your watching Araw Gabi (Arw Gbi)18 May 2018 Full Episode Pinoy Teleserye Replay.- When I first watched the trailer, I said to myself, I will not watch it even if my favorite is JM. My expectations are high in regards to MC Novels, she's my all time favorite FIlipino author. RIP MC, I miss your books so much! Okay, continue my review. I do not know who his partner Barbie is and does not seem to know how to act. And it looks like high school! What's up, it's JM and then the actor, then it's the partner! That's what I said to myself. But there is a saying, do not judge the book by it's cover. So yes, shame on me! Finally last week, I gave in and watched one of the episodes and instantly, I was hooked! Not only did Barbie prove me wrong in my initial impression of her as an actress, but the story is really good. Like all book adaptations, there are differences form the novel to the tv box. But that is expected. The story flows really well and it's told in a way with mystery where it will make you keep coming. It also does not hurt that JM is such a great actor as always. He even more dared to come here with his come back show. Another reason why this was such a hit for me is the chemistry between JM and Barbie. It is off the roof hot and sizzling! Congrats to all the staff of Araw Malam. Awesome job and keep it up!.source from wikipedia.magtvnatambayan Pinoy Teleserye Replay Magtvna Teleserye Replay Pinoy Teleserye Rewind Watch Free Filipino Shows Online Pinoy Tv Shows | Pinoy Tambayan Channel To Watch Filipino Tv Gma Shows Replay. Enjoy Watching God Bless po.

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